How to Backup PostgreSQL to OneDrive

How much time is it usually takes to make PostgreSQL database backups and then move them to OneDrive? Is your method convenient and fast? Do you know that you can make PostgreSQL databases backups and send them to OneDrive in two minutes? You can backup PostgreSQL to OneDrive with the help of the third-party tool like SQLBackupAndFTP.

How to Backup PostgreSQL to OneDrive

With the help of these simple steps, you can create a backup job which will make PostgreSQL databases backups according to the specified schedule and send them to OneDrive:

  1. Firstly after you have downloaded and installed SQLBackupAndFTP, start it and connect to your PostgreSQL Server at the “Connect to Database Server” section.
  2. Check off databases which you are going to backup from the list which can be founded by clicking the “gear” button at the “Select databases” section.
  3. Select a backup destination by clicking the”plus” icon at the “Store backups in selected destinations” section and in the drop-box list choose “OneDrive”. Authorize SQLBackupAndFTP to your OneDrive account and save the settings.
  4. Turn on the scheduler at the “Schedule backups” section, to find the advanced backup schedule settings, click on the “gear” button.
  5. You can run your PostgreSQL database backup job immediately by clicking the “Run Now” button or your backup job will be run according to the schedule you set.