SQLBackupAndFTP v11 prices will go up. Buy v10 now and v11 upgrade is included.

Free SQL Server backup software that uploads SQL database backups to FTP, online to Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive cloud. All SQL Server versions are supported.

Buy a new SQLBackupAndFTP License

Please make sure the free version of SQLBackupAndFTP works for you before buying a license key. Some unique FTP or SMTP configuration may prevent application from running - we encourage you to spend a couple of minutes testing the application before paying.

To install a License key: Install the  free version first. Buy a license key on this page and we will immediately send you an email with your key. In SQLBackupAndFTP menu go to "Help > License Key" and copy/paste your new license key.

Most popular! Same as Prof + free lifetime updates. Includes basic support. Compare
$399 $ 
Full-featured version with 1 month free updates. Includes basic support. Compare
$119 $ 
Same as Prof without AES Encryption, FTPS & SFTP. Includes basic support. Compare
$69 $ 
Limited to 5 dbs and wo Amazon S3, AES, FTPS & SFTP. Includes basic support. Compare
$49 $ 
Entitles you to high-priority email support and extended trouble-shooting assistance for 1 year. Available only at the time of purchase, can not be added later.
$12 $
Entitles you to free updates to new versions for 1 year (See upcoming changes). New features are added regularly (Without this option only 30 days included). Available only at the time of purchase, can not be added later.
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Upgrade/Update SQLBackupAndFTP License

A license key will work with only a particular version of the program (like v.7).  If a newer version (like v.8) is released - you need to get a new key. The upgrade is free for 30 days after any purchase, 1 year if you added "Free 1 year updates" option and always free for Lifetime customers. Remember that you may install a license on a single computer only. Read more about licensing.

To Lite To Standard To Professional To Professional (Lifetime)
From SQLBackupAndFTP Lite $ $ $ $
From SQLBackupAndFTP Standard $ $ $
From SQLBackupAndFTP Professional $ $
From SQLBackupAndFTP Prof (Lifetime) $
You will select what to upgrade to on the next step.
Where I can find my license key? In program's menu go to Help> License Key and copy your current License Key

Important! Once you have purchased a new key, your old key becomes invalid. Download the latest version and enter your new license key in [Help > License Key] menu item.


Volume Discounts

5–9 licenses = 10% off
10–19 licenses = 20% off
20+ licenses = 30% off

Buy multiple copies and save. Just enter the number of licenses and you will see the discount applied.
The discount is for a limited time only and can be suspended any time!

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Note that Remote backup feature is in permanent Beta and is not supported. There's no difference in remote backups between free and paid versions. More...

Paid customers support

Use our contact form. If you've purchased a paid version, please use the same e-mail so we could identify you as a paid customer.

How to install a License key?

  1. Download Download version for .NET 3.5 (no Azure support) the latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP Free.
  2. Buy a license key (above).
  3. Once you received a license key, in program's menu go to Help > License Key and enter your new License Key.