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Backup and Restore in SQL Server

The best way to backup and restore in SQL Server is use SQLBackupAndFTP. Probably one of the most frequent jokes you will hear while mentioning over probably the essential jobs for a Database Administrator goes like this – a Database Administrator needs one of two things, an ideal backup or a good resume. It’s truthful. If you’re not performing backups and making sure that you can restore databases from those backups, you’re exposing yourself and your company to files loss. Continue reading Backup and Restore in SQL Server

SQL Server Backup and Restore

SQL Server Backup and RestoreToday there are numerous methods how to perform SQL Server backup and restore them. But if you are looking for the simplest one use SQLBackupAndFTP. Is it really necessary to make SQL Server backup and restore? Of course! Except when you don’t proper care about your SQL Server data or you don’t mind having to totally recreate your database in the event of a disaster. You need some way of restoring the database to a usable point.  Continue reading SQL Server Backup and Restore