How to backup SQL Server to Yandex Disk

yandex disk logoYandex.Disk is a cloud storage from Yandex, the largest technology company in Russia (with 52% market share as a search engine). Yandex.Disk is a good alternative to Google Drive and its features and pricing policy are very similar to prices

So just for $20 per year, you can get 100 GB for your database backups and if you need more it will cost you $100/year for 1TB. The good thing is that unlike Google Drive, Yandex.Disk is available even for free users of SqlBackupAndFtp and this makes it attractive as a relatively cheap storage for SQL Server backups.

To start backing up your SQL Server database to Yandex.Disk you need to go through some simple steps:

1. Connect SqlBackupAndFtp to your SQL Server

Download SqlBackupAndFtp, start the application and connect it to your SQL Server:backblaze: connect to sql server

then select databases for backup:backblaze: select sql database

2. Select Yandex.Disk as a destination for database backups

In order to send your SQL Server backups to Yandex.Disk you need to select it as a destination:yandex disk destination

then you will see an authorization prompt where you need to click the “Authorize” button:yandex disk authorization

You will be redirected to SqlBackupAndFtp website where you will be given an authorization code, copy it by clicking the “Copy” button:yandex disk copy code then insert it into application’s popup dialog and click “Connect”:connect to yandex disk

Now, in the destination settings window, you can select a folder where you want to keep your SQL Server backups and tune some advanced backup settings if necessary:

After you finished with Yandex.Disk settings click “Save & Close”.

3. Start backup now or Schedule automatic backups

Now you can create a database backup and send it to Yandex.Disk right away (“Run Now”) or schedule it to be started automatically:sql backup to yandex disk

Optionally, you can also setup email confirmations on successful/failed backups.