How to backup to UNC Path

backup to unc pathIt’s important to have flexibility and not sacrifice security when backing up your databases. For this reason, some DBAs will prefer to backup to UNC paths on their local network.
This will keep the backups in a closed environment with access only to those users inside the network which are authorized.
In this article we will show you how to backup to UNC paths in the simplest way possible, by using SQLBackupAndFTP, instead of using complex and confusing T-SQL and complex maintenance plans.

Backup to UNC Path

If you want to regularly take a backup to UNC Paths in your network of your databases, you can do this through a maintenance plan which is set up along with a schedule or we can use SQLBackupAndFTP.

But in order to set up a backup plan you need access to a SSMS environment or you’d have to write your own T-SQL Scripts to make a schedule and a task, which can be very painful.

The easier alternative would be to use SQLBackupAndFTP and we’ll show you how.

We start off by opening SQLBackupAndFTP and reviewing the main screen. We can see multiple options for setting up our schedule and the databases as well as being able to set up a backup destination, which is where we will make the setup to backup to UNC Path.

SQLBackupAndFTP backup to UNC Path

Pressing the “Store backups in selected destinations” link will open up a smaller window,¬†similar to the one in the image below. In order to backup to UNC Paths, you would have to select the first option, “Local/Network Folder/NAS”.

Select backup to UNC Path

By selecting this option, we will be taken to another screen where you are able to set the location (folder) where the backup file will be created.

Backup to UNC (specify the path)

Additional details will be required to be added in the User name and Password fields if access to the folder requires authentication.

In order to make sure that the access and settings are correct, you can press the Test button.

After adding the backup destination folder, all you have to do in order to finish the setup for your backup schedule is to set the actual details of the schedule: the time you want it to run, the frequency (hourly, daily, weekly etc.) as well as other settings to add another degree of security that your backups are created correctly and that your data is safe.

Backup to UNC (schedule)

More details on how to set up a schedule you can find in another article, here.

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