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Web Log – see backup history on the web

Attention! The web log is currently under development with ETA in Sep 2017.

SqlBackupAndFTP is a desktop application that is installed on SQL server computers. If you open the app on the computer where it is installed, you can see the history of database backups.

However, if you need to check the backup history remotely – it is easier to see it on the web – we call this feature web log. Moreover, if you have multiple installation, instead of checking each computer separately, it is much simpler to see backup history for every computer on a single web log page on

How to make web log work?

  1. You need an active Updates, Web Log & Support subscription with Standard, Professional or Lifetime edition.
  2. In SqlBackupAndFTP application v11 or later the option “Send log to see backup history on the web” should be checked (default ON)
  3. Go to to see your backup history

Can I edit my backup jobs from the web?

Not in SqlBackupAndFTP. Web log gives you a read-only log of your backups.

To edit SQL backup jobs from the web you can use our web-based backup service SqlBak (this is independent from SQLBackupAndFTP). Not only it allows you to see the backup history, but also configure all of the jobs on the web and monitor SQL server performance.

How to run SqlBackupAndFtp v11 from a command line

SqlBackupAndFtp runs database backups automatically and most of the users schedule it via windows interface/GUI. But you can also start a backup job manually via a command line interface. One of the examples when you may need it is a complex scheduling scenario when the options provided in the program interface are not enough. In this case you may build more complicated schedule with Windows Schedule. Continue reading How to run SqlBackupAndFtp v11 from a command line

SqlBackupAndFTP v11 is live

After several years of development the completely reworked v11 is now live. If you have used the previous version – start by reading:
SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New?

As before, you have several editions including free, but there are a few differences. See:
How SqlBackupAndFtp 11 differs from the previous versions?

For upgrade options from the previous version  see:
How to migrate to SqlBackupAndFtp 11 from the previous versions

Also see:

Why do I Need the “Updates, Web Log & Support” subscription?
Web Log – see backup history on the web
How Tos – SqlBackupAndFtp

If you need help – go to Support Forum

How to migrate to SQLBackupAndFTP 11 from the previous versions

SqlBackupAndFTP v11 is a culmination of years of work and our SQL backup experience with close to 1 million installation of the earlier versions. It is significantly better than the previous version in every respect (or anything else on the market). Read SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New? or How SqlBackupAndFtp 11 differs from the previous versions?

If you have used the previous versions of SqlBackupAndFTP we strongly suggest migrating to v 11. Continue reading How to migrate to SQLBackupAndFTP 11 from the previous versions

SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New?

Have you seen our brand-new version 11 of SqlBackupAndFtp?  If yes, then you have also noticed that its looks and feels very different from its predecessor (compare features in the new & old versions). That’s right – this release is built from scratch based on our eight-year-experience creating SQL Server backup software and close to 1,000,000 installations of the previous versions.

If you have used the old version, this post will help you to quickly grasp the main points that make the new version better. If you are new to SqlBackupAndFtp, you can read this as a quick introduction. Continue reading SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New?

How Tos – SqlBackupAndFtp


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Database-related settings

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How to Backup SQL Database Automatically

In this article, we are going to discuss how to backup SQL database automatically with the help of SQLBackupAndFTP and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Scheduling the backup process ought to be one of the elements that are vital in the life of any DBA.
This simple procedure will certainly save you lots of time and effort in the future. Continue reading How to Backup SQL Database Automatically