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Service down alerts

If any live server goes offline, an administrator has to be notified. Many companies use some third-party services to do that.  But what if your SQL Server service crashed for some reason? Will you be notified right away or will find out after many lost sales and transactions? What if SQLBackupAndFTP itself crashed (while extremely rare, but everything happens) – how would you know your backups are not being done?

Service down alerts option in SQLBackupAndFTP covers all of these cases. If you enable it from the main screen (see the image on the right), an email will be sent to you in the following cases:

  1. If your server is down or
  2. If your SQL Server or MySQL is down or
  3. If the SQLBackupAndFTP service is down

If you need to email to multiple recipients – as usual, just separate it by a comma. You need a paid plan with a Full-Service subscription to use this option.

Advanced SBF Service log configuration

If you have been using SQLBackupAndFTP with the advanced options to schedule the automatic creation of your backups, there is a possibility that during the backup operation, someone manually stops the process.

In the event that such a thing happens, there is a chance that trying to re-run the operation through a schedule you are going to encounter a problem with the schedule not being initiated.

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