Why do you need the Full-Service subscription?

SqlBackupAndFtp is a standalone application. Once you have purchased a license – it never expires and you can use the version you’ve purchased forever. The Full-Service subscription is a set of important, but optional services – and it requires a recurring annual fee (prices).

When you purchase a license, you get an option to buy the subscription – we highly recommend it and here’s why:

With Full-Service subscription Without subscription
latest versionYou always use the latest version
Why automatic updates are important?
old versionYou use the version you’ve purchased
weblogYou can see your backup history online
More about the Web Log
offline history onlyYou can see the backup history only if you access to the server itself
email supportYou receive direct email support from our team community forumYou have to rely on the community forum for support
auto mail configurationYour email notifications work automatically
What are the benefits of using SQLBackupAndFTP mail servers?
manual email configurationYou have to configure your own SMTP server
server down alertsYou receive alerts if your server or backup service is down
More about Service down alerts
server down alerts offYou won’t receive notifications if your server is down

Are automatic updates that important?

SQLBackupAndFTP communicates with your SQL Server, MySQL, FTP and multiple cloud storage services (Dropbox, Azure, Box, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc). As these services evolve, they change their API, standards and update their security settings. To keep up to date with these changes, we regularly release new versions with bug fixes and improvements. During the period of your subscription, your application will be regularly and automatically updated to the latest stable and secure version. You don’t have to worry about updates, they will be downloaded and applied automatically.

To be more detailed – these are the reasons why we recommend that our customers subscribe to the auto-updates:

  1. As backups protect your valuable data, we try to keep our software secure, stable and reliable. It is crucial from your side to stay updated, to patch all discovered vulnerabilities.
  2. There were cases when cloud storage services (like Dropbox,  Google Drive, Amazon, etc.) changed the way SqlBackupAndFtp communicates with them (API). We track those changes and update our product, but if you don’t have the subscription your old version may suddenly stop working properly and your backups will not be saved.
  3. We always listen to our customer’s feedback to make our software reliable and usable. Sometimes we make dozens of different useful improvements per week and to be sure that you can use the best version, you need to be subscribed to the updates.
  4. While we test our software thoroughly, in some circumstances some hidden bugs may become apparent. We always try to address these issues as soon as possible, but you need to have a valid subscription to receive these fixes timeously.

Can I receive support if I don’t have a subscription?

Yes. If your subscription has expired, you can still search our community forum for a solution and ask questions there. But in this case, we cannot guarantee prompt replies.
If your business relies on backups, you want to make sure that your questions are answered promptly, and this is possible only with an active subscription.

What are the benefits of using SQLBackupAndFTP mail servers for email notifications?

Everybody likes to simply type their email address to a field and have emails delivered without any additional configuration:Email confirmation fields

With Full-Service subscription you can use SQLBackupAndFTP mail servers with nothing to configure and you do not need to go to email settings at all.

If you don’t have a subscription, then you would need to fill the following fields (hidden under the gear icon) to use your own mail servers for sending backup success/failure emails:SMTP configuration

What if I opt out of the subscription during purchase?

All new customers receive a month of free subscription. So even if you don’t include a subscription with your purchase, you will still be able to receive initial support while you get acquainted with the program, as well as get access to updates during that month.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend including the subscription into your order as there is a 50% discount for the first year subscription if it is purchased along with the license.

How much does it cost?

You can find the yearly subscription fees on the Features & Prices page.