Web Log – see backup history on the web

In SQLBackupAndFTP to see the history of database backups, you have to open the app on the server itself:

If you need to check the backup history remotely, especially for multiple servers – you have an option to see it on the web at sqlbackupandftp.com/weblog

This is very useful when you run SQL backups on multiple servers. Instead of accessing each computer separately through remote access, you can see the backup history for every computer on a single weblog page.

How to make Web Log work?

Make sure that in the right section of the SQLBackupAndFTP app the option “Send history to Web Log” is set (default ON)

Note that Web Log is part of the Full-Service subscription, so you need to have one of the paid editions and an active subscription.

Then just go to sqlbackupandftp.com/weblog (you need to be logged in) to see the backup history.

Can I edit my backup jobs from the web?

Not in SQLBackupAndFTP. Web Log gives you a read-only log of your backups.

To edit SQL backup jobs from the web you can use our web-based backup service SqlBak (this is independent of SQLBackupAndFTP). Not only it allows you to see the backup history, but also configure all of the jobs on the web and monitor SQL server performance.

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  1. i have a windows and the database is in a ubuntu server.
    i have an error: database with “Full” backup type: Backup media not found: “/var/opt/mssql/data\thenameofmydb

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