Why choose SQL Server Express?

Sql Server ExpressWhen you choose Microsoft SQL Server Express, you’re opting for the most practical way to go when it comes to getting database software that is versatile and effective. The best advantage to the SQL Server Express is the fact that it’s free. No matter what web application framework you prefer, this edition gets the job done. You’ll also find that it’s streamlined to function with your top picks in applications as well. This is a database that can grow with you, sufficient to meet all of your needs. You’ll also find that its capacity for expansions is more than you would expect. In a time when you need to be savvy and watch your budget, SQL Server Express Edition is the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

Go Big Without Hurting Your Wallet

There is no reason to make your budget suffer when you can choose this product. The amount of storage space is enough for many tasks, weighing in at 10 GB. Many consumers will pay for less and not get all of the additional perks that come with SQL Server Express. You’ll love the option for free distribution and free online backup that will protect all of your valuable data at all times. If anything goes wrong on your end, this database is fully protected. You’ll always have that support system to fall back on in your time of need. The reporting component is extremely helpful as well, making all of your data easily accessible and visible. The report designer feature allows you to tailor your reports to suit your needs. The software will access your data, analyze it the way that you prefer, and publish your results to a server. It’s a custom fit that will allow you to make better use of your time and resources. Whether you have an established business or you are an entrepreneur trying to make a splash in the world of commerce, this database can help you to be on the move.

The Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages

If you’re thinking about the Express edition of SQL Server, free access is a major plus. You can easily transition to an upgraded edition, later on, one that allows you to do clustering, mirroring replication, and more. On the downside, the Express Edition has no SQL Agent. There are also limitations on GB, CPU, and GB RAM usage. However, when it comes to recoverability, security features, availability, and scalability, SQL Server Express is quite enough in most cases.

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