Command Line Arguments to Manage an Installation

Assume you need to clone your server and you have an image, for example, an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) in AWS with installed SQLBackupAndFTP Free edition. Once you deploy this image on several servers and apply your license key to activate SQLBackupAndFTP, that license key will be applied to all your servers. When you decide to remove your license from one of the servers, the license will be removed from all of them. Also, you can face the issue that the license will not work if you activate a license for one server on all your cloned servers.

What should you do in this case? Below you can find instructions on how to resolve this issue:

Register an installation of SQLBackupAndFTP

After you deploy your image you have to register the installation of SQLBackupAndFTP. It can be achieved via the Command Prompt using the following command:

SqlBak.Job.Cli.exe --connect --new=Y --mode=Silent


—connect — Connect SQLBackupAndFTP to
—new=Y/N — Connect as a new computer or use current settings
—mode=Normal/Silent — Use silent mode to avoid opening the welcome page in the browser

Apply a license key

Now you can apply your license key via the following command:

SqlBak.Job.Cli.exe --connect --new=N --mode=Silent --update-license=Y --license-key=<new-license-key>


—update-license=Y/N —Use Y value to update/enter a license key
—license-key=<new-license-key> — Your license key

Remove a license key

If you need to remove a license from one of your servers and use a free edition, then use the following command:

SqlBak.Job.Cli.exe --connect --new=N --mode=Silent --update-license=Y


—update-license=Y/N – Use Y value to update/enter a license key. Use N to not set a license key and use the free edition.


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