How to Backup SQL Database automatically using SQLBackupAndFTP

The easiest way to backup SQL database automatically on schedule is to use SQLBackupAndFTP. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install SQLBackupAndFTP. The connection window will be opened automatically. Specify your SQL Server credentials and press “Test SQL Connection” to check the connection. 
  2. Next select the databases you want to backup.  
  3. Then select where you prefer to store your SQL Server database backups. To do it click the plus button in the “Store backups in selected destinations” section then select a destination place from the list.
  4. To answer the question “How to backup SQL database automatically” – you need to create SQL Server backup schedule. To do it turn on “Schedule backups”. You can find “Advanced backup schedule” by clicking the gear button. 

That is all, your backup job is created. For all the other SQLBackupAndFTP options check SQLBackupAndFTP Tutorial


How to Restore SQL Server Automatically

SQLBackupAndFTP allows you not only backup your SQL Server databases automatically, but also restore them. After you create and start a backup job SQLBackupAndFTP starts to create backups according to a selected schedule. All backups will be displayed at the “History & restore” section.

To restore SQL Server database you need select a backup and click “Restore from Backup…” in the opened window click the “Restore” button.