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Dropbox has stopped the support of API v1

If you use the old versions of SQLBackupAndFTP v 10 or lower and send backups to Dropbox, then starting from June 28, 2017 (update: Dropbox have extended the API v1 cutoff date until September 28th, 2017), you will see with the following error message:

"Sorry, Dropbox has stopped the support of API v1. Please upgrade to the latest version of the application to work with the new Dropbox API."

The reason is that on that date Dropbox has turned off API v1 and older versions of SQLBackupAndFTP can not work with the latest Dropbox API. As a result there is no way to send backups to Dropbox using SQLBackupAndFTP v10 or lower.

If you plan to continue sending backups to Dropbox, please upgrade your license to the latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP v11 that supports all of the latest APIs.

How to migrate to SQLBackupAndFTP 11 from the previous versions

SqlBackupAndFTP v11 is a culmination of years of work and our SQL backup experience with close to 1 million installation of the earlier versions. It is significantly better than the previous version in every respect (or anything else on the market). Read SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New? or How SqlBackupAndFtp 11 differs from the previous versions?

If you have used the previous versions of SqlBackupAndFTP we strongly suggest migrating to v 11. Continue reading How to migrate to SQLBackupAndFTP 11 from the previous versions

SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New?

Have you seen our brand-new version 11 of SqlBackupAndFtp?  If yes, then you have also noticed that its looks and feels very different from its predecessor (compare features in the new & old versions). That’s right – this release is built from scratch based on our eight-year-experience creating SQL Server backup software and close to 1,000,000 installations of the previous versions.

If you have used the old version, this post will help you to quickly grasp the main points that make the new version better. If you are new to SqlBackupAndFtp, you can read this as a quick introduction. Continue reading SqlBackupAndFtp v11 – What’s New?

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What are the most common backup strategies?

Choosing a database backup strategy is crucial because it determines how data in your SQL Server database is protected. You can read more about database backup strategies, but here we are going to present you some statistics on how SQLBackupAndFTP users backup their databases. The numbers are based on a sample of about a thousand users. Continue reading What are the most common backup strategies?

A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred on file

Making scheduled SQL Server database backups you can receive the following error message:

10/10/2016 11:32:40 Creating backup of Adventureworks to C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\\MSSQL\\Backup (full) 
10/10/2016 11:32:40 ERROR: A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred on file "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\\MSSQL\\Backup\\Adventureworks201610101132.bak:" 112(failed to retrieve text for this error. Reason: 15105). 
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. 

Continue reading A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred on file