How SQLBackupAndFTP 11 differs from the previous versions?

SQLBackupAndFTP 11 is significantly different from the previous versions – see the detailed post on what is new in v11. Here you can get a birds eye view on what is new and what is missing in the new version.

You can use the following buttons to filter the list.

Feature v10 v11
Backup Scheduler
Schedule a backup job with Windows Scheduler
It is less reliable than scheduling using SBF service, but if you still need it look at this post.
Yes No
Full, Diff and TranLog backup schedule Yes Yes
Business days for a backup schedule Yes Yes
Business time for a backup schedule No Yes
Database Backup
Backup a database into .bak file Yes Yes
Backup Azure SQL database Yes Yes
Remote backup into SQL script
Remote scripting is not sufficiently reliable way to backup SQL Server.
Yes Yes
Exclude a database from a backup job No Yes
Folder backup Yes Yes
Copy Only database backups Yes Yes
Database Restore
Auto restore from Full, Diff & TranLog backups
Select any of the backups, press button Restore and all log chain will be restored automatically for you
No Yes
Restore Azure SQL database
As simple as pressing the Restore button
No Yes
Download a backup file
The feature is built-in now, just press the Download button on any of the backups
No Yes
Exec a SQL script before or after backup Yes Yes
Exec a Windows batch script before or after backup No Yes
Send email notification for backup jobs Yes Yes
Web log
The service to see backup results on the web has not been offered for a while. For older clients, the service was limited to 1 year and has expired now. Very soon it will be replaced with a new service. If you need this feature now – look into
Yes Yes
Place the backups for each database into its own subfolder Yes Yes
Ignore Offline databases
Useful when you chose to backup all databases and don’t want to get error messages if offline database can not be backed up
No Yes
Backup one DB, send, repeat
This option can be chosen instead of backup all, send all
No Yes
Backup Options
Use a common temporary folder for all backup jobs No Yes
Use a specific temporary folder for a backup job
This setting is now shared across all jobs
Yes No
Zip or 7-zip compression Yes Yes
Enable CheckSum Yes Yes
Verify after backup Yes Yes
Customize a backup file name Yes Yes
Use emergency destination
Option to send backup to this destination if all other destinations fail
No Yes
Folder destination Yes Yes
FTP destination Yes Yes
FTP destination. “Write FTP session to log” option Yes No
Amazon S3 destination Yes Yes
Box destination Yes Yes
Dropbox destination Yes Yes
Google Drive destination Yes Yes
OneDrive destination Yes Yes
Azure Storage destination Yes Yes
OneDrive for Business destination No Yes
Save a backup job into a .jobx file
Job configuration is stored differently now. There is no need for separate files any longer.
Yes No
Load a backup job from a .jobx file Yes Yes
Auto update
Seamless update so you could always use the version with the latest security and destination API changes
No Yes

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