Supported Zip file encryptions

zip file encryption

If you’re looking up for a backup software for your databases that allows you to encrypt the archive files, SQLBackupAndFTP is the solution. 
It supports two methods of encrypting your .zip files in an easy-to-use form.

Supported Zip file encryption

SQLBackupAndFTP allows you to encrypt your backup files using 2 encryption methods (offered only for the Professional version):

  1. ZIP compatible

    It supports a simple password-based symmetric encryption. Note that it provides basic encryption only and is vulnerable to known-plaintext attacks. You can use a built-in Windows compressor to open backups encrypted using ZIP compatible encryption method.

  2. WinZip AES

    AES is a strong encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. Built-in Windows compressor does not support AES files, so you have to use 7Zip (freeware) or WinZip 9.0 (or higher) to open backups encrypted using the WinZip AES encryption method.

    Also, note that backup files over 2 GB are zipped using Zip64 format.

    The built-in Windows compressor does not support Zip64, so use 7Zip (freeware) or another archiver to decompress it.

    You can download SQLBackupAndFTP and try this feature from here.

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