SQL Server Backup Types

Regular backups are required to protect your database and ensure its restoration in case of failure. Various backup types provide different protection to your database. The most popular database backup types are full backup, differential backup, and transaction log backup. Before you create your own backup plan you need to consider two things: your recovery point objective (RPO) – how much data can you afford to lose? And your recovery time objective (RTO) – in case of disaster, how much time can you spend restoring your database? Now let’s check out some of the backup types.  Continue reading SQL Server Backup Types

SQL Server Express Backup

While it’s easy to create SQL Server Express backup with SQL Server Management Studio it’s quite difficult to run it regularly since SQL Server Express edition lacks handy job scheduler maintenance options in comparison with the full version of SQL Server. Here is where third-party backup utilities like SQLBackupAndFTP enter the stage. Continue reading SQL Server Express Backup

How to Make SugarCRM Backup

sugarcrm logoToday over 50,000  companies use SugarCRM globally for their customer management, sales automation, and other CRM needs. SugarCRM can be installed as an on-premise solution or as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. Managing SugarCRM means that you have to work with a huge flow of information that is stored in large databases. Clearly, when working with databases one has to take care of their security, and that implies making backups on a regular basis. Now let’s check how to use SQLBackupAndFTP for regular SugarCRM backups.
Continue reading How to Make SugarCRM Backup

How to set up SQL Server Email Job Notifications

As a DBA, automating your various jobs on SQL Server – taking backups, truncating logs, updating statistics, etc – is a good idea because it makes sure you don’t have to depend on your feeble memory for these important tasks. And it leaves you free for more vital tasks such as sleeping and bingeing on whatever new Netflix series is out. But to make sure your automated tasks are still running, you need a good notification method, and it should also be automated. And foolproof. So how do you do this? Continue reading How to set up SQL Server Email Job Notifications