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Free SQL Server backup software that uploads SQL database backups to FTP, online to Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive cloud. All SQL Server versions are supported.

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Download SQLBackupAndFTP Download version for .NET 3.5 (no Azure support)
Version: 10.2.14
Download size: 8.6MB (8816 KB)
Description: You are downloading SQLBackupAndFTP Free - it is freeware. Free version is limited to 2 databases to backup on a schedule. You can upgrade the Free version to Lite, Standard or Professional by purchasing a license key. Compare Versions.

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Change Log

v 10.0
  • Connection to OneDirve destination with a specified user agent fixed
  • Connection to Box destination fixed
  • Uploading to Box destination updated
  • Removing scheduled jobs fixed
  • Windows Azure Storage destination added
  • OneDrive destination renamed to OneDrive destination
v 9.1
  • Uploading to Box destination updated
  • "CreateProcAU: The type of the token is inappropriate for its attempted use. (1349)" error fixed
v 9.0
  • Uploading large file to Dropbox destination added
  • Server Side Encryption of Amazon S3 destination added
  • Sending email with implicit security
  • Uploading to Amazon S3 destination go faster
  • Copy-only backup added
  • "Use SSL" option for Amazon S3 destination added
  • Uploading to Google Drive improved
  • Uploading to Amazon S3 improved
  • Schedule service improved
  • Advanced backup schedule updated
  • Box destination added
  • OneDrive destination added
v 8.2
  • Restore button and menu item added
  • "Recent Jobs" menu item added
  • "Path" parameter of Dropbox destination added
  • Trial mode added
  • Uploading to FTP destination improved
  • "Split archives into XX MB" field for Google Drive destination added
v 8.1
  • User credentials for Folder destination added
  • "Run on weekdays" option for jobs scheduler added
  • Include/Exclude file extensions for folder backups added
  • Uploading large files to Google Drive destination improved
  • S3 Storage Class supported
  • S3 "Path" added
  • SFTP support added
  • Uploading large files to Google Drive destination fixed
v 8.0
  • "Archive list is empty" on folder backups fixed
  • FTP session improved
  • Google Drive destination added
  • Amazon S3 bucket name verification updated
v 7.2
  • Added priority for compression process
  • Amazon S3: uploading large files in parts
  • Amazon S3: bucket name verification
  • "Maximum number of retry attempts reached : 3" fixed
  • Updated timeout of Dropbox destination
  • Dropbox backup destination added
  • "No such host is known" issue fixed
v 7.1
  • Web log fixed
  • "Place the backups for each database into its own subfolder" added
  • Amazon S3 backup destination added
v 7.0
  • Advanced Backup Schedule dialog updated
  • Cleanup fixed
  • Skip offline databases
  • Ability to add/remove backup destinations
v 6.5
  • "Next start" field at "Advanced Backup Schedule" window
  • Running jobs manually does not affect scheduling
  • Job scheduling on "Save As..." fixed
  • All passwords in local settings are encrypted
  • "CHECKSUM option to BACKUP statement" added
  • "Run RESTORE VERIFYONLY after backup" added
  • Error "Access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pranas.NET\... is denied" fixed
  • Timeout on starting "SqlBackupAndFTP Service" after server reboot fixed
v 6.4
  • "Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1)" fixed
  • 7-zip compression
  • Possibility to backup SQL Server in a local network
  • Auto delete previous differential & transaction log backups after a successful differential backup
  • SQLBackupAndFTP service state control improved
  • Do not delete previous transactional logs and differential backup when zipping fails
  • Updating estimate plan fixed
v 6.3
  • Protecting passwords behind asterix
  • Empty FTP passwords are allowed
  • Cleanup fixed
v 6.2
  • Free and Lite version database limit bug fixed
  • None compression + Copy to local folder bug fixed
  • Url decoding for FTP directory
  • Command line fixed
  • Minutes added to differential backup interval
v 6.1
  • Bugfix (CPU utilization, "A specified logon session does not exist" error, service scheduler misbehavior)
v 6.0
  • Сan run as a Windows service
  • Differential and transaction log backup scheduling
  • Improved job parameter check
v 5.7
  • Web Log
  • Additional pre-run settings check
  • Improved security
  • Miscellaneous interface improvements
v 5.5
  • Writing additional information to the Windows Event Log
  • Unique Windows Log Event IDs
  • Miscellaneous interface and performance improvements
v 5.2
  • Simplified interface for using GMail as an SMTP server
v 5.1
  • "None" compression level saves .bak file instead of .zip
  • Output file format options added
v 5.0
  • New folder backup feature
  • Multiple minor improvements
v 4.5.3
  • Fixed bug related to scripting primary keys in remote scripting
v 4.5
  • New FTP engine. Makes several attempts to upload a file
  • SMTP password encryption
  • Send error log to developers right from the Run window
  • Use of temporary files during file compression is greatly reduced
v 4.4.1
  • Fixed bug related to cleaning of old files when differential, log or copy backup options used
v 4.4
  • SQL Server and FTP Server password encryption in .jobx file (AES encryption)
  • 30 days complimentary Automatic mailing in Free version
  • Custom SQL scripts before and after backup
  • Copy backup option (additional -logcopy and -fullcopy command line arguments)
  • Script backup engine renewed
v 4.3
  • Fixed bug related to Xceed.Ftp.FtpTimeoutException
  • Fixed bug related to cleaning of old files (wrong date format)
v 4.2
  • Added differential backup and transaction log backup
v 4.1
  • Added AES encryption
v 4.0
  • Added FTPS options
  • Added Professional version
v 3.3
  • Increased FTP upload speed
  • Fixed scheduling issues
  • Added ability to specify Log Folder path
v 3.2
  • Totally new FTP engine
  • New Windows task scheduling module
  • Smart temporary folder selection
v 3.0
  • Remote (script) database backup - this feature is in BETA and will stay like this for a long time (see details)
  • Active FTP mode
v 2.0
  • Zip files encryption
  • Ability to specify a custom account to run scheduled jobs
  • Ability to set a custom Temp folder
  • Customizable database timeout
  • Custom zip compression level
v 1.4
  • "Backup all non-system databases" option
  • Support for a custom FTP port
v 1.3
  • Automatic (zero-config) e-mail settings
  • Log button on the main form
  • Support for large databases over 2GB
v 1.2
  • "Show system Databases" checkbox
  • SSL support for SMTP settings (GMail)
  • Support for multiple e-mails
  • Insufficient permissions error handling
v 1.1
  • "How long to keep" option
  • OutOfMemoryException fixed
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