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1 225 000 installations since 2008

  • The latest version is very mature and integrates with all of the most common services, including Azure. We rely on robust backups and have not found a better tool that does exactly what we need.

  • It backups my Azure SQL Server database to OneDrive and sends me an email with the details of the success or failure. Thanks for a great software that just works!

  • This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to any user for SQL backups. Easy to configure, fast and robust!

  • SQLBackupAndFTP is a great tool - effortlessly performing scheduled backups of our databases, really easy to use and monitor that everything is running properly.

  • A reliable and easy to use software. Great must-have tool!

  • It gives us peace of mind by sending our SQL databases to a secure external destination nightly and lets us know if something has failed in the process.

    • Kristinn Sigurthorsson, NAV.IS
  • Above all we and our customers appreciate how simple it is. And restoring databases is super fast and easy.

  • It simply does what it suppose to in a very light and fast way.

  • It is is great! It does its stuff in the background - backing up our databases, storing the files and letting us know if anything fails.

  • No hassle, easy and fast installation, email alerts and multiple backup locations, simple and efficient restores - we are finally at peace with our SQL server backups.

  • We use SQLBackupAndFTP to store backups on an off-site Azure-server. The tool does what it promises every day. We are very satisfied!

  • I’ve successfully used SQLBackupAndFTP for a long time backing up on-premise databases. Thanks for a great application that just works every time.

  • The SQL backup software helps us to backup our SQL database daily to protect us in the event of a hard drive failure on our database server which contains thousands of records. Very good software, flexible and easy to use.

  • I had excellent customer service and technical support; when part of our process stopped working - the team worked hard to get it fixed.

  • I have used and recommended SQLBackupAndFTP for over a decade.

  • I’ve never seen a product so perfectly fill a niche as SQLBackupAndFTP. It does exactly what it says it will do, and it does it extremely well.

  • We’ve been using SQLBackupAndFTP for years and will gladly continue to do so in the future. It has everything you’d expect out of a good database backup tool.

MySQL Backup in 2 min

Just a single form to automate backups: select databases, backup, encrypt, compress, send to a folder, FTP or cloud service:

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schedule backups, receive confirmation emails and restore when needed.

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  • free- backup 2 databases to a network or FTP on schedule

  • $39+ backup 5 databases, Google Drive or Dropbox

  • $89+ unlimited database backups, OneDrive Personal & Box

  • $129+ Amazon S3, Windows Azure, OneDrive for Business & AES encryption

  • $499+ lifetime updates

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What can SQLBackupAndFTP do?

There is a lot more to SQLBackupAndFTP than meets the eye. Below is a feature list for the tool.

  • Run scheduled backup of MySQL databases as well as local files and folders
  • Compress and encrypt backups
  • Store backups on a network folder, FTP server or in the cloud (Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive)
  • Remove old backups
  • Send an email notification to confirm backup success or failure
  • Restore any backup directly from within the program
  • Make backup history available for viewing online
  • Notify you if your MySQL server is down

What's unique about this MySQL backup tool?

  • Not all hosting platforms allow database administrators to connect to the hosted database via TCP/IP. If you cannot connect to your MySQL server through TCP/IP, you can still backup MySQL through phpMyAdmin Export. All you need is a URL for you to login to your phpMyAdmin
  • You can view MySQL backup results for multiple servers. The results are available through the web log
  • This tool has a free version that is fully functional. It is the ideal solution if all you need are ad hoc MySQL backups or scheduled backups for 1 or 2 databases

How does it backup MySql databases?

SQLBackupAndFTP runs on Windows machines, and can backup both remote and local MySQL databases. Two database connection methods are available: via a TCP/IP (SSH) connection or by using phpMyAdmin Export. In both cases, it creates MySQL scripts that can be run later to restore the MySQL databases. When TCP/IP connection is used, the backup is performed using the mysqldump utility.

How does this tool relate to MySQLBackupFTP?

Previously, SQLBackupAndFTP and MySQLBackupFTP were two different products. MySQLBackupFTP has since been deprecated. Now SQLBackupAndFTP includes all the functionality of MySQLBackupFTP and more. SQLBackupAndFTP can restore MySQL backups. In addition, it can also notify you if something goes wrong with your MySQL servers.